From finding ways to resolve high-arctic exploration issues, to integrated geophysical solutions to engineering problems, our staff in the international DMT GROUP have the depth and experience to help the global resources industries.


At DMT Geosciences, we provide geophysical consulting services to a wide variety of clients from a broad range of disciplines. Our clients have included some of the world’s largest mining and oil & gas companies, government, specialist engineering, environmental consultancies, and junior mining companies throughout Canada and around the world. We provide quality control, compilation and processing, modelling and interpretation of geophysical data as well as project design and management of geophysical surveys of all sizes.

We provide service through every stage of a project including:

  • Project design and management
  • Compilation and processing of geological and geophysical data
  • Modelling and inversion capabilities for magnetic, gravity and EM data
  • Interpretation and visualization of large, multi-survey geophysical data sets



We have the software and expertise to process, combine and interpret a wide range of geophysical data sets, incorporating existing geologic knowledge where available. We have experience in ground, airborne and marine surveys.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Reflection Seismic
  • Refraction seismic
  • MASW
  • Passive seismic
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • Frequency domain electromagnetics
  • Time domain electro-magnetics
  • Mise-a-la-masse
  • Borehole logging
  • Cross-hole seismic
  • Full wave-form sonic
  • Capacitively coupled resistivity
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Gravity
  • Magnetic
  • 4-pin grounding surveys


Not all projects can be successfully completed using conventional geophysical techniques.  At DMT, our team of geoscientists consult on unique challenges to develop innovative solutions for our clients in the environmental, engineering and resource sectors. From desk top modeling studies to field surveys, our scientists backed by DMT’s diverse international team, bring a breadth and depth of experience to each project.

Our specific expertise includes:

  • Mapping fluid related geohazards in the oil & gas and mining sectors
  • Mapping saline aquifers in environmentally sensitive zones.
  • Full 3D modeling of electromagnetic and resistivity surveys to design optimal survey parameters for unique and challenging targets
  • Harnessing the processing power of SimPEG and Python to develop custom solutions to unique projects that do not suit the traditional off-the-shelf methods.
  • Customized monitoring solutions for engineered hydraulic barrier installations aimed at providing actionable information in addition to a map of geophysical properties.
  • Coastal fluid seepage pathway and marine hazard mapping.




DMT is adept at revisiting old geophysical data with new processing techniques, new methods of visualisation and a modern perspective as an effective way of improving the understanding of a site at low cost.

New data can be used to refine inversions of old geophysical data sets and an improved 3D image of the subsurface produced.

Previous projects include:

  • Refining 2D seismic processing and interpretation upon new drill results
  • Combining multiple airborne data sets collected over a span of 15 year and multiple systems
  • Reinverting focused areas of regional airborne geophysical to address specific client objectives, providing cross-sections and 3D images of target areas.


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