DMT Geosciences offers services ranging from consulting to full turnkey implementation of monitoring systems to mitigate risks in projects ranging from urban settings to arctic environments.

    Professional Ground Monitoring by DMT

    At DMT, we are not bound to single processes and typically work with a whole variety of monitoring data and use “DMT Safeguard”, a web-based database-supported system for data management and analysis.  This system allows us to customize our measurement systems to meet your particular monitoring needs, while our experts apply  their specialist know-how to assist you in the assessment, analysis and interpretation of the collected data.

    General fields of monitoring that DMT provides include:

    • Seismological monitoring with highly sensitive equipment to monitor and analyze induced and natural seismicity, whether above ground, underground or as downhole installations in mining, for the oil and gas industry or in the field of renewable energy
    • Vibration measurements and emission control employing proprietary, cutting-edge measurement technology for monitoring limit values at industrial plants and civil engineering sites (before, during and after construction work) according to national and international standards
    • Geotechnical monitoring of object changes, especially in building construction and civil engineering projects, by determining convergence, crack and gap width, water level, water pressure, pore pressure, temperature and further parameters using state-of-the-art measurement technology
    • Monitoring of ground movements and deformations of the earth's surface, infrastructure objects, embankments and slopes, in structural and civil engineering, in the oil and gas industry and in mining by means of complex geodetic measurement systems using GNSS, total stations, laser scanners, remote sensing methods and more.

    Monitoring Applications


    DMT works with clients to design and implement monitoring stations to track groundwater changes including water table, soil moisture content in the unsaturated zone, and water quality.  The systems are designed to account for local conditions, in particular the harsh environments found in the Canadian North. A telemetry system can be installed to transfer data automatically to DMT’s office where the data is curated, analysed and regular reports provided.  DMT often recommends using geophysical surveys to identify the optimal locations for installation thereby potentially reducing the number of monitoring stations required

    DMT designs and installs Surface water monitoring stations in environmentally sensitive areas to develop a baseline water quality measurement and assess seasonal variations prior to development. On-going monitoring during development can then be used for assessing increased impact on the site.


    Vibration monitoring is an essential practice to ensure vibrations from construction or blast activities do not impact nearby infrastructure for construction sites or mines. DMT’s vibration monitoring systems, including DMT’s Summit VIPA and VIB3D,  have been used extensively throughout Europe and is able to measure to numerous vibration monitoring standards.    

    The Summit VIPA is a fully automated three-channel seismograph designed specifically for vibration and noise monitoring. The units can be linked together to build a network of continuous and event-based monitoring. Watch VIPA on YouTube

    Similarly, the VIB3D is a new low-cost sensor that can be deployed as a large vibration monitoring network for residential homes or monitoring other infrastructure.

    DMT specialists advise on the layout of monitoring sensors and install a full monitoring system which transmits data vit LTE/WLAN to our offices. Data is curated and regular reports provided to the client. Both the Summit VIPA and VIB3D transmit data via LTE/WLAN to our cloud server where it is preserved and made available online using DMT’s SAFEGUARD system; our web-based universal monitoring tool.  

    Key Features

    • Automated data transmission via LTE/WLAN
    • Continuous monitoring
    • Data preservation at DMT


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